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Entering data into your menstrual calendar

My data is not saved correctly

We have found some ad blocking software to interfere with We do not currently know a way around this other than turning off your ad-blocking software or adding an exception for

How can I record the length / the end of my period?

You can simply mark all the days of your period, not just the first one, to record the length of your period.

Can I add more details such as my basal temperature, mood, cramps or other events and notes to the period calendar?

We are currently working on extending Strawberry Pal into a "body diary" where you can add all kinds of events and data. Until this work is finished, you can only select your period days, sorry.

If you want to be notified about upcoming features, drop us a mail or follow us on Twitter.

Strawberry Pal on your mobile device

Is there an Android app / iPhone app for Strawberry Pal?

Currently there is no native app for Strawberry Pal, but the website is optimized to give you a good experience on your mobile browser. Just go to your Android phone / iPhones's browser and enter into the location bar on top - you will see the page adapted for your mobile phone, and you can log in, record events and view your prediction like in the desktop version. Make a bookmark and add that bookmark to your home screen to be able to return quickly if you need it! (Note that mobile connection charges may occur for accessing websites on your mobile phone)

How can I add Strawberry Pal to my iPhone's home screen?

Go to in mobile Safari and tap the icon on the bottom looking like a "+" or like an arrow pointing out of a square. In the menu, select "Add to Home Screen". Confirm the next dialog and voilá – the strawberry icon is now on your home screen! You can move the icon to a different location just like regular app icons.

The whole process is also described here.

How can I add Strawberry Pal to my Android phone's home screen?

Go to in your Android phone's browser. Create a bookmark by going to the menu and selecting "Save to bookmarks" or clicking on the star in the upper right corner. Confirm the next dialog box.

Now you have to go to the menu again, and select "Bookmarks". Long press on the Strawberry bookmark and select "Add shortcut to home screen". Go to your home screen and the icon will have appeared there. You can move it to a different location just like regular app icons.

The whole process and an alternative way of doing it is also described here.

Why is the bookmark called just "Strawberry" on my phone?

Mobile phones like iPhone or Android provide little space for the label on your home screen icons, so "Strawberry Pal" would be truncated to "" in many cases. We figured it would be nicer to have a whole word there. You can edit the title when creating the bookmark, so just add the "Pal" if you want there.

Using Strawberry Pal with external calendars

How can I add Strawberry Pal to Google Calendar?

You can add your menstrual calendar to the list of "other calendars" in your Google Calendar. This list is located on the lower left hand side of the Google Calendar interface. Click the menu button next to the headline of the list, then select "Add by URL". Enter your calendar feed address – you get it when you click "Share & export..." on your period calendar. (The whole process is also described here.)

Strawberry Pal will then show up as a separate calendar that blends in with your Google Calendar. To change the labels and kinds of events shown in Google Calendar, use the "Settings" Button on your menstrual calendar page.

Note that it can take a while until your calendar shows up or new Settings are applied in Google Calendar, and you can only view your prediction in Google Calendar. To enter new period dates, you have to come back to the Strawberry Pal website.

How can I add Strawberry Pal to iCal or other desktop calendar Software?

Most calendar software allows you to subscribe to other calendars using the iCalendar format. In the iCal software found on Apple computers, you can subscribe to your Strawberry Pal calendar using the menu item "Calendar > Subscribe...". Copy the URL of your Strawberry Pal feed (you get it when you click "Share & export..." on your period calendar) into the dialog window. Make sure you set it to refresh at least daily (using the "Auto-Refresh" setting) to allow the program to pick up your current prediction.

Note that you can only view your menstrual cycle prediction in external programs. To enter new period dates, you have to come back to the Strawberry Pal website.

Why is Google Calendar not showing the data I just entered?

Unfortunately it takes a while (usually around 30 minutes) until Google picks up the changes in external calendars. If the data still isn't updated after 24 hours, please contact us and we will look into it.

Registration & Login

I have forgotten my username. How can I retrieve it?

You can simply use the email address you used for registering instead of the username for logging in. Your username will be shown in the top right corner after logging in. If you didn't specify an email address, contact us and we will see what we can do.

I have forgotten my password. How can I retrieve or reset it?

Simply use the password reset page to reset your password through email. If you didn't specify an email address when registering, contact us and we will see what we can do.


Strawberry Pal is a free menstrual calendar to keep track of and predict your menstrual cycle and fertility online. After you have entered a few dates when your period started (just click!), Strawberry Pal will be able to predict your future menstrual cycles and ovulation with increasing accuracy. If you save your period calendar using a password, you can import your prediction into other calendar tools such as Google Calendar, iCal or Outlook. Strawberry Pal also works great as a web app on your iPhone or Android phone!

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